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stafix fencing manual,troubleshooting flow chart . . feral animals/predators. cattle. horses. sheep. goats. pigs. exotic animals and wildlife. deer. dairy cattle. cattle. horses. sheep. distance. unlimited distances. short distances .. 1 joule of output energy will power approximately 10 km (6 miles) of fence wire. this will depend on the

how to choose an energizer for your electric fence system .,may 26, 2010 . to keep this as simple as possible i would like to refer to joules as the power that pushes the electric pulse (or shock) down the fence wire. to keep this as ... your writings make good sense to me, however, the questions i have are related to the distance between the charger and the fence line;. how close..

fencing 5 acres - math central,bob,. an acre is an area of 43560 square feet so 5 acres is 5 × 43560 = 217800 square feet, but it can be any shape. it might be a square, a rectangle, a circle, a triangle or some irregular shape. the distance around a 5 acre property depends on the shape, not just the area. if this property is a square then each side is of..

fencing calculator - vcalc,jun 14, 2017 . the fencing calculator computes material and labor estimates for fencing of different shaped pens, paddocks, and fields (areas). . meter (m); nanometer (nm); millimeter (mm); centimeter (cm); kilometer (km); inch (in); foot (ft); yard (yd); mile (mi); nautical mile (nmi); angstrom (å); mil (mil); computer point..

calories burned calculator | exercise calorie counter,use this calories burned calculator to calculate your calories burned over a wide range of activities and exercises, then total all you activities. . running, 6 mph (10 min/mile), 9.8. running, 6.7 ... occupation: horse grooming, including feeding, cleaning stalls, bathing, brushing, clipping, longeing and exercising horses. 7.

fencing calculator & tips,click to calculate your wire needs. suggested guidelines. assumes square area to be fenced. amount of fence needed will increase as area gets narrower and longer. use this diagram to calculate the number of rods/miles of fence required to enclose fields of different sizes. *. fencing guidelines. *information courtesy..

convert kilometers to miles | length - inch calculator,convert kilometers to miles (km to mi) and learn length conversion formulas. 1 kilometer = 0.621371 miles

fencing operations 2004,$11.00/metre. labour and equipment; installing 6' heavy gauge wire mesh, 10'x5-. 6" posts with 16' spacing; charges $1.50/km mileage for jobs over. 75 km from edmonton. s. cypress. fr. bw or page wire. $1.20/metre. labour and equipment; removing page wire or barbed wire fence; charges $1.50/km mileage for jobs..

fence basics: acreage guide and table - red brand fence,1/4 mile = 1,320 ft. or 80 rods. 1/2 mile . the table below helps calculate the number of rolls of fence required to enclose various acreage sizes. these are . acres, fence 330 ft. rolls, fence 100 ft. rolls, barb wire 1320 ft. rolls 1 strand, acres, fence 330 ft. rolls, fence 100 ft. rolls, barb wire 1320 ft. rolls 1 strand

fenceplan calculator,3, livestock fence cost calculator, printed: 8/2/2017. 4. 5, *** enter/select changes to items in blue only ***. 6. 7. 8, page wire fence with optional top wires. 9, post spacing (ft):, 16. 10, strands page wire: 1. 11, page . 43, 5 strand barbed wire - $3,342.62 ÷ 5,280 ft per mile = $0.63 per foot. 44. 45, electric wire fence

fencing quick cost estimator,mar 3, 2017 . use the distance calculator website link below to find your property and estimate your fencing distance. 5, 2. enter your fencing estimates in the liner feet . don't forget to estimate temporary wire needs if you plan on strip or rotational grazing in your pastures. 8. 9, fence type, cost, unit, liner feet estimated..

convert miles to kilometers | length - inch calculator,convert miles to kilometers (mi to km) and learn length conversion formulas. 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers

horse pen calculator - shoppers supply,horse pen calculator . determining how much fencing you need for your horse pen will depend on the length of your panels and diameter of the holding area. . a perfect circleadd enough room for the gate; add a layer of gravel and sand to the area (optional); insert the posts at an appropriate distance for the panels..

cost of an electric fence - estimates and prices paid,the number and type of strands on an electric fence depends on the animals being controlled. there can be 1-11 strands, which vary from thin, fine steel to thicker, high-tensile wire (hard and springy steel that bounces back from tight tension) . depending on the number of strands, the distance between fence posts, the..

manual - gallagher electric fencing,14. gallagher 3e1164 power fence systems user manual. installing a permanent power fencetm. energizer selection chart - by fence distance (km). energizer. stored. energy. (joules). maximum distance of fence - (km). gallagher recommendations. (multi-wire fence). high. vegetation. average. vegetation. no / low

estimated costs for livestock fencing | ag decision maker,this publication compares the costs of building a quarter-mile (1,320 feet) straight perimeter fence with four different types of permanent fencing plus temporary interior fencing. these are: woven wire, barbed wire, high-tensile non-electric, high-tensile electrified and temporary interior fencing. the type of fencing selected..

which fence charger do i need? gallagher fence,without getting into the hairy math of it all, if you keep track of the total distance of fencing material you will be powering, that will be a safe estimate in most cases of the distance rating you are looking for (single-wire in this case). so, for example, if you have 1/2 mile of 6-wire fence, you would need to power 3 miles of fence..

fenceplan calculator,3, fenceplan, printed: 9/19/2014. 4. 5, 2 wires (1 powered) - post spacing (feet) = 60. 6. 7, quantity, unit price, total / mile. 8. 9, posts (6 ft 3 to 4 inch) - 60 ft spacing, 88, $3.95, $347.60. 10, wire - 12.5 gauge (3960 ft roll), 2.7, $111.14, $300.08. 11, braces (2 x 7 ft post, 1 x 10 ft 4x4), 3, $48.00, $144.00. 12, post insulators..

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horse fence calculator km to miles